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Dr Kim Du Preez

Kim has a PhD in Clinical Psychology in the field of neurosurgery, and has practiced in clinical and medical psychology for more than a decade.


Her approach to therapy is a positive one that focuses on helping you thrive while discovering and living your purpose.

To be cured is to be free of disease, but to be healed means to become whole.

In the course of my professional practise, I have learnt that the most effective path to health is an integrative one, which means understanding a physical symptom in the context of the whole person. True health has various components, each as important as the other: the physical; the psychological; the spiritual.

Whatever component is at the forefront of your being currently, understanding its meaning will always start with a process of discovery. My approach in assisting you through this discovery process brings new meaning to the phrase ‘a life well lived’, for it exposes you to wisdoms and secrets that you were always too busy to acknowledge or to try and understand. It builds a bridge between the love and dreams in your heart, and the focus in your mind; and it brings a wholeness to your understanding of life and your part in it.

The process of discovery will inevitably lead to your evolution. It’s this emotional experience that allows you to evolve into the better you – the one that has overcome your past, your fears, and your anxieties. And as the sun rises, so this ‘evolved you’ becomes ready to face a purpose, a destiny, through the understanding of who you really want to be. Ingrained with the confidence that you have discovered every bit of yourself, ready to take on the challenges in trust, free of the limitations you have programmed yourself to believe.

While my inspiration is drawn from within, my husband and two children give me the courage to live my dreams. They have taught me to believe in miracles, and that my most valuable asset is trust.

At the essence of a healthy life is a healthy mind – strong enough to overcome the obstacles of the world, but also strong enough to conquer the barriers we create in our mind. It’s in an integrative approach that all the different disciplines in medicine find true value, bringing meaning and joy to the world and not just an analytical or scientific approach to a condition. HealthStyle is a unique expression of this approach, and the perfect place to become whole.