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Dr Chrisna Andersen

Villene qualified as a physiotherapist from the University of Pretoria in 1992.

My participation in various sports e.g. long – distance running, mountain biking, spinning, river canoeing, sprint canoeing, weight training, Pilates, netball and later golf, helped to establish and understanding op pursuing possibilities to adapt physiotherapy – treatment and training – programs that enable an athlete to train wisely whilst participating in a sport program without enduring unnecessary long periods of rest.

Villene developed an early interest in the management of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and biomechanical dysfunction in sports injuries, and set out to develop her career in this field.
My early career path brought me to travel with various teams and sports individuals which included long distance running, rugby, soccer, ballet, netball, canoeing, triathletes and assisting in training young golfers.

Enriching my career with numerous continues educative courses and researching various combinations of therapeutic techniques, I gained knowledge and experience in a variety of tools in the trade. This brought me to finishing a master’s thesis from Stellenbosch University in the search for solutions in lumbar pain of young golfers.

I am currently in private practice where I tend to a variety of musculo – skeletal and biomechanical sport and spine injuries.